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Today marks a very important day for United Kingdom. Scots are voting on whether to remain in the 307 year old union or secede. This comes as one of the most important decisions ever for Scots to ever make. In fact, the vote has divided families, friends and even lovers.

Campaigners of both sides have advised their ‘constituents’ to take the moment and make a landmark decision whose memories will last for decades.

The question in the referendum is: Should Scotland be an independent country? The options are two: Yes or No.

Scotland has more than 5.3 million people and according to polls, there is no consensus as to whether most of them will want to secede.

In recent polls carried by major pollsters such as: Opinium, ICM and YouGov, less than 50% of all people polled say that they are against the independence.

People from the remote areas of Atlantic to the affluent areas are lining to make the decision that will probably change their lives.

As with any other referendum, there are 2 extreme sides. One, the proponents of independents say that time had come for Scots to make their own decisions and elect their own leaders. Those who support the union have the opinion that Scots are better placed to make independent decisions of they have the union on their side.

Ireland was the last country to break up with the union a century ago.

Prime Minister David Cameron has in the past championed the rights of a ‘better together’ United Kingdom. He has cancelled important international meetings to campaign against the separationists.

He has also cautioned Scots not to follow the path of the opposition labour party whose leaders have campaigned vigorously for the separation. Cameron warns that the gains that Scots have achieved in the past could be watered down if they go the separation way. Labour party won 41 seats in the 2010 elections.

Supporters of the union received a major boost from the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown who has advised them to vote against independence. He believes that Scots rights are better if they remain together with the Union rather than go their separate ways. He also cautioned them against following advice of politicians who don’t have their interests at heart.

If the independence vote goes through, the two countries will hold talks for 18 months on how to share key resources such as the North Sea Oil and the Britain’s submarine base. Another major issue to be discussed will be on the membership of the European Union.

Scots argue that they will continue using the pound after separation. On its own, London has ruled out any chances for currency union.

Another main issue facing the two countries is on the markets. Financial experts argue that if there is separation, the markets will fall in fear of political intolerance.

United States, the main partner of United Kingdom on international matters has advised the union to remain strong together. Experts fear that this could trigger secessions in other countries.

If you have been looking to sell your commercial property and move into a larger premises or a different type of property, you have probably been looking at bridging loans to ease the process. These types of loans can be used to ensure that you have readily available capital to move into a new premises even before your existing property has been sold.

As you might be able to tell, they offer a lot in terms of convenience – however, you should also be aware of the risks and things that you should take into consideration before you go ahead with a bridging loan for commercial purposes. Throughout this article we’ll talk about the pros and cons of a bridging loan in a commercial aspect and what you should take into consideration.

Why You Might Want to Use a Bridge loans

Bridging loans can be very convenient and beneficial if you know how to use them and understand how they work. In a commercial aspect, you might want to move your business to a new premises over the space of a few weeks or maybe even months instead of dealing with it all as soon as you sell your existing property.

This gives you a lot more freedom and allows you to always have a base to conduct your business operations. The more equipment that you have for your business (whether it be office furniture, power tools, speciality equipment etc) the better.

In addition to this, bridging loans are often much easier to obtain compared to many other finance options. Mostly this is because your existing property is used as security and they are for short-term use.

Things to Watch out For

Before taking out a bridging loan, you should examine how long it might take for your property to be sold on the market. At the moment, residential properties are a much better option than commercial properties as they are selling at a much faster and easier rate – so understand that using a bridging loan for commercial purposes is more than likely going to be more expensive.

Ensures that you can cover the fees at all times, as these loans are short-term options it’s going to be a lot more affordable if you have a property that will sell in a fast amount of time. If you think that your property is going to take more than 6 months to sell then you should probably find an alternative lending option.


So as you can see, there are numerous benefits to a bridging loan for commercial purposes, they offer a lot in terms of convenience and flexibility. However, there definitely are a few things that you need to keep track of if you want to ensure that you don’t get into financial difficulty.

As mentioned above, these should only be used in short-term cases and you should never look at a bridging loan as a long-term option as the fees are just too high for this. Always make sure that your property can be sold in a timely manner and be prepared for the worst, this will ensure that you can deal with any problems that arise.