A slot is also a game of casino gambling, like poker, and a slot machine is exactly a casino gambling machine with 3 or more reels which rotate a button is pushed. The slot is also called first one-armed bandit. Charles Fey of San Francisco invented the 1st one-armed bandit, who devised a much simpler automatic mechanism. A lever can also be used instead of the button, which is on the left side of the slot machine. Many latest slot machines have a legacy lever I addition to the button.

Slot machine contains a currency detector also that validates the money inserted to play. Slot machines are most famous casino gambling game in casino gambling and composed about 70% of the average casinos income. It is estimated that 30% or more of the profits from slot gambling machines come from gamblers.

Nowadays Slot games are programmed by latest technology to continually select a set of numbers a random, latest technology or languages like JAVA, C are being used to program this slot game. The latest technology of the slot machines has also totally changed over the years. The classic mechanical slots have been almost completely replaced by slot machine. Many slot machine providers are going to online web browsers based version, which allows you to have fun and play slots without download any setup or software in your PC

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