Could Jeremy Lin Change the NBA Eastern Conference Betting Odds?

Jeremy Lin & Jon ScheyerCould Jeremy Lin Change the NBA Eastern Conference Betting Odds?
Jeremy Lin is one of those NBA stories that comes around once in a lifetime. In a league where players can be identified as great as early as 14 or 15 years old, it is rare that a player bounces around from team to team and then becomes a star. That is apparently what is happening with Jeremy Lin.The New York Knicks attempted to create a stir the past couple of years by acquiring high profile players such as Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. The Anthony acquisition was made even bigger by his return to Madison Square Garden, the place where he endeared himself to fans when he played in college with Syracuse.Despite the desire to have a winning team, the Anthony and Stoudemire additions were nothing compared to the hype that is now surrounding the team and their new hero, Lin. The fact that Lin comes from another continent has him threatening to advance to Yao Ming stature quickly, especially being in a major media market such as New York.The Knicks were given a slight chance to advance out of the Eastern Conference before the season began. With the Heat and Bulls the darlings of gamblers, the Knicks, by most prognostications, were to battle for a mid-seed playoff spot at best.What has happened in the last two weeks, however, has Knicks fans again dreaming of a return to the basketball hierarchy. Lin has emerged, Anthony will soon be back from injury, and Stoudemire returns tonight from a personal absence from the team. Throw in that Baron Davis may soon be added to the active roster, and some analysts are predicting big things for New York.”If Anthony and Stoudemire can adjust to having the ball in Lin’s hands often, the Knicks could make a run to the conference finals,” said Brad Dawkins. “With the emergence of Lin, and the veteran presence of Davis, the nicks have suddenly gone from a team lacking a point guard, to one of the deeper teams in terms of the point guard position in the league. If they gel well, this team could put a serious scare in both Miami and Chicago.” February 14, 2012Posted By Vincent Tapoglia IIIStaff Editor, CasinoGamblingWeb.comSubmit News!

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