online poker for antisocial people?

Making a Living Online poker is harder than you can imagine. The swings are emotions and temptations associated with the game incredibly powerful. Even the most studied and profitable players are bad runs of cards and their inner demons to fight on the felt. Although the life of an online poker player may seductive and glamorous, self-reflection before attempting an online professional may be necessary. The variety of non-financial aspects of poker for a living are often overlooked by prospective full-time player. When setting up programs that make hourly rate the thought of a career as a poker easily calculate several factors that you can convince them otherwise.

The exact definition of a professional in relation to  online poker as its best. is not disputed. To really have to preface the whole basis of this article, we first examine what it means to be a pro. Athletes are often seen on television as a professional baseball, football or basketball player considered. Not only do these athletes have superior talent, but they also make great sums of money. Many of the same features should be introduced to the test of poker as a profession. A micro-fraction of online poker players qualify as professionals. In fact, losing 95 percent or more of the online poker player money. With that being said, here are a few characteristics of professional poker players