Sports Betting Advances In New Jersey Raising Questions Around US

;Sports Betting Advances In New Jersey Raising Questions Around US
New Jersey lawmakers have already started to change the way the gambling industry operates in the US, and now they are looking to take the country into a new era of gambling. After passing a bill to bring online casinos to the state, New Jersey lawmakers are now setting their sites on sports betting.Governor Chris Christie, who has been lukewarm to the idea of gambling expansion in New Jersey, has opened the door for criticism from around the US, Many states are in favor of the current prohibition on sports betting, and the NFL has come out on many occasions against betting on their sport. That has not deterred New Jersey from their position.”We intend to go forward,” said Governor Christie. “If someone wants to stop us, then let them try to stop us. We want to work with the casinos and horse racing industry to get it (sports betting) implemented. Am I expecting there may be legal action taken against us to try and prevent it? Yes. But I have every confidence we're going to be successful.”Back in 1991, the US created a law that prohibited sports betting in the country. At the time, federal lawmakers gave state legislators a period where they could opt out of the law. Only Oregon, Montana, Nevada, and Delaware opted out. Now, with sports betting becoming a billion dollar business, several states have expressed an interest in adding regulated sports books.The Department of Justice has not yet commented on New Jersey's sports betting plan, but they have loosened their own stance on gambling last year. The DoJ issued an opinion last Fall that clarified the 1961 Wire Act. Originally, it had been assumed that all forms of gambling were illegal on the Internet, but the DoJ clarification stated that only sports betting is illegal under the law.Federal lawmakers have been mum on the sports betting issue, but have made their intentions known regarding the future of online gambling. Several bills are in the works that would end online gambling prohibition in the US, with the hope that online poker will become an important tool in the economic recovery of the country.The NFL has already had to answer questions regarding New Jersey's plan, as the Super Bowl is set to be hosted in the state in 2014. Officials for the league stated that regardless of whether New Jersey adds regulated sports betting or not, the Super Bowl will remain at Met Life Stadium in the state. May 27, 2012Posted By Terry GoodwinStaff Editor, CasinoGamblingWeb.comSubmit News!