The life of a rakeback pro

There is a whole new calibre of professional player these days and that is the “rakeback pro”. What exactly does that mean and what impact does it have on the world of Online Texas Holdem poker? Well firstly the term “rakeback pro” refers to a player whose primary strategy is geared around obtaining rakeback and sign up bonuses. In order to achieve this then they sacrifice taking their game to the highest level or the highest level that they possibly can and look to earn their money multi-tabling.

Many professional players shun this way of making money playing online but it has an awful lot of merit. There are basically two ways that rake is collected by the poker site and this is by the contributed method and the dealt method. The dealt method basically means that if you are actually dealt cards in the hand then you qualify for rakeback and the contributed method means that you have to contribute to the pot as the name implies. Most sites are based on the contributed method and it may well be the case that they all are before long as once players realise that you can essentially make money by folding then there is less incentive to play hands and this means a lower average rake for the poker site.

All rakeback pro’s or rakeback grinders play tight and multi-table or a good percentage of them do. It is not a style of play that interests me personally but it certainly has a lot of merit for players who lack the real skills to play poker to a high level. At the end of the day though the poker sites are willing to give money to players! Some of them have sign up bonuses as high as $1000 and if you play enough poker and work off a sign up bonus every month then you are a $1000 ahead before you even start. If you are playing say NL100 then this is ten buy-ins and is a very serious amount of money.

But this kind of strategy is self fulfilling because when you play tighter playing for rakeback then you are also playing better poker in many cases. Remember though that there is a big difference between playing better poker and playing optimal poker. If you play more hands then you better make sure that you have two things going for you. This is a high level of post flop skill and an advantage over your opponents and also the temperament to withstand bigger swings to your bankroll caused by playing more hands. So playing for rakeback is almost strategic in nature and not tactical because it stops you playing more poker hands which is its primary objective. But when you are playing more tables chasing rakeback then you need to play far less hands anyway. There are many ways to make money playing online and becoming a rakeback grinder and a bonus hustler is certainly one of them.